About Me

I’m just an ordinary human being, who is addicted to tea, good books, TV series, chocolate (especially Cadbury #noadvertising #thereisnothingbetter) and Britain. I’m sometimes a bit socially awkward, but in a way, that’s still pleasant. (I guess) I love to sniff at books (because they just smell that good!). I like rain better than sunshine. I’m an incredibly clumsy fellow. And I love writing.

So I thought: Hey, might be a good idea to start a blog because nobody else does these days…

To make it a bit more challenging I decided to write bilingual. Even if my mother tongue is German, I’m trying to write primarily in English. I love this language and I want to become better in writing, reading, speaking and understanding it. I thought, if I would write about it publicly, someone might consider my articles helpful for her or his language studies, too. (Or for entertainment).

You’ll find anything that flashes through my mind about books and the English language. So why don’t grab a cuppa, get comfortable and read on? 🙂