#01 Language Travel Journal – 11th February (Arrival Day)

This morning, the adventure has finally started. Kinda weird actually. I mean I have been waiting for this day for almost eight months. Even now, as I am sitting on the bed in “my” room at my guest familiy’s place, it still feels surreal.

In the Morning

When I woke up, I wasn’t really nervous. Just worried whether everything’s going to be okay. I double-checked all my luggage at least 42 times. Poor Tim was constantly comforting me while I was uncoordinatedly walking through our flat. Eventually, time was up and the uncoordinated walking through the flat changed to a bit less uncoordinated walking to our car.

Flying Just by Myself

Tim darling drove me to airport Tegel, took my luggage and accompanied me towards the gates. He kissed me goodbye and then he was gone, heading back to university.

At the gate, a dear friend of mine was waiting for me. On her own birthday. Still can’t believe that she did that. It’s utterly sweet though, isn’t it? It was really nice to be able to hug her and to give her her present personally. (And luckily she seemed to like it pretty much. Except she’s really good at pretending.). So during the time I was waiting for the luggage check-in to open, I had lovely company. (In case you read this, my dear: Thanks again ♥) Then luggage check-in opened and my friend had to leave for work.

So basically, my worries about me missing the flight due to the problem of having a really bad sense of direction had been absolutely baseless. Well, okay, I admit: Maybe not base- but at least needless. Everything worked fine. Um… there might have been a tiny problem finding the security check though… I mean, I was constantly looking for a big area, in which the security check is located for a whole terminal; obviously based on the few experiences I made at Schönefeld. It took me ages to realise that I was constantly running past it. Silly me! It was located directly behind the luggage-check in. I just had to follow a narrow corridor and to show my ID card to get access to the security check. Well, we better don’t talk about how obviously that probably would have been for everyone else but me 😀

Anyway, from that point, everything went well. I passed the security check quickly and didn’t have to wait a long time for boarding either. The flight only took 130 minutes and as I slept most of the time, it rather felt like a ten-minutes-journey actually.

When I arrived at London Heathrow, I finally got really nervous. As Heathrow is the second busiest airport in the world (!!!!), I was almost certain that it’d be only a matter of time and I’d become lost. But I didn’t. Though I need to admit that Heathrow makes it really difficult for people to get lost. Even for people like me! At least when you’re arriving. We’ll see how it’s going to be during my return flight. (Bets can still be made.) There are signs everywhere, telling you what to do next. Wonderful.

Or to summarise the whole paragraph in one single, more informative sentence: As assumed, it turned out that flying just by myself wasn’t scary. Not at all. I even liked it.


After leaving custom, I was looking for a member of EF’s staff. With her pink shirt, the lady was pretty conspicuous. I just couldn’t miss her. I went towards her and told her who I am, showed her my ID card and asked her about the transfer to my guest family’s place. Then she vanished for a couple of seconds and came back, accompanied by a driver. And that was it. The driver took my luggage, put it in the boot of his car and together we were heading to Longstanton.

My Guest Family

We arrived around 90 minutes later. As it turned out, the distance between Longstanton and Heathrow was much bigger than I’ve expected. But never mind.

Since the moment I met my guest family, I took them into my heart. I stay with a young couple and their little daughter. They’re easy-going, pleasantly chaotic, attentive and unbelievably sympathetic. Currently, there’s another student staying with them and I like her pretty much as well. I’m quite sure that I’m going to have a lovely time with them ♥

Don’t Fall Asleep!

Yeah, I know – exaggerated detailed articles about people flying with an aeroplane (as it had been for the first time for humankind in earth’s history) aren’t usually my cup of tea either. And normally I probably wouldn’t write about it in this way. But as I was complaining all the time about all the things I was scared of, I wanted to show you that, in most cases, the reality isn’t as bad as we expect it to be.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s perfectly fine to be scared of something. That’s nothing you’ve got to be ashamed of. Not at all! Though you shouldn’t get daunted by your worries, fears and doubts. Because in most cases (and mine as well) it turned out that they were completely pointless.

Long story short: If you really want to make a language trip, try to focus on all that exciting and adventurous things which the trip is going to hold ready for you. You just need to be brave enough to take your chance. Who knows when there will be the next opportunity?

“Want to know why that’s good? Let me tell you about scared. Your heart is beating so hard, I can feel it through your hands. So much blood and oxygen pumping through your brain, it’s like rocket fuel. Right now, you can run faster and you can fight harder, you can jump higher than ever in your life. And you are so alert, it’s like you can slow down time. What’s wrong with scared? Scared is a super power. It’s your super power.”  DOCTOR WHO