My EF Language Travel to Cambridge

When I wrote this article, I’ve already managend to check-in my suitcase and to get through security. Y E A H Y ! I feel utterly relieved because I was incredibly nervous that something might go wrong. Now nervousness decreased a lot, I’m happily looking forward to the aeroplane taking off and now I’ve got some time to give you an overview about what my language travel is going to hold ready:

EF Cambridge

From the 12th to 23rd February I’m going to attend an intensive English course. It’s been created for people who want to learn English quickly because of personal or professional reasons.

I’m going to have 32 lections per week (40 min / lesson) and in the information material it said I have to calculate another eight hours for homework. Attending an intensive course seems to be a bit like a full-time job actually 😀

I’m determined to make the best out of the few days I’ve got to study here. I mean, two weeks isn’t much time to learn a language, is it? So as you can choose special interest courses to focus on particular topics in your studies, I decided to set my focus on grammar and speaking (especially pronunciation), because these are the things I’m struggling with most of all.

(If you’re interested in, you can get more information about the intensive course here.)


After booking the language travel, EF send you your login details, with which you get access to a platform called “My EF”. From that point on it’s going to accompany you throughout your trip and even until some time afterwards.

At “My EF” you find all important information about your trip you’d ever need. If you’ve booked a room at a guest family’s place you’ll find their contact details in there. If you asked EF to book a flight for you, they’re going to publish the flight details there as well.

You also get information about your school, destination and activities you can join.

As soon as the information are available, you can access your personal schedule as well, so you can easily find out, when and where your next class starts.


EF organise a variety of activities. The costs vary as well. During my stay, I could, for instance, play paintball, visit the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Science or join a trip to Salisbury and Stonehenge. I’m seriously thinking about joining the last one. But of course you can also organise activities on your own.

Guest Family

From 11th February (until the 24th) I’m staying at a guest family’s place. As I mentioned before, you can choose between different accommodations, but I decided to stay with a family because it seems to be much more familiar and I love that. I think it’s also a big plus to be surrounded by native speakers even after classes have finished.

I haven’t stayed in a guest family yet, so I’m really excited to finally meet them 🙂 I’ve gotten their contact details (at My EF) last week. They also provided a little text about them, so I know I’m going to stay with a couple, who have a little daughter and it seems that they’re easy-going. They’ve always been rated five stars by other students and that sounds also very promising.

Educational Leave

When you live in Germany, you might want to take educational leave for your stay. That way you don’t have to expend your regular holidays. That’s nice, isn’t it? (Click here and you’ll find further information regarding this topic.)

I just had to make an application for my employer. That was a bit annoying to be honest, because I had to attach a lot of documents. Beside others, I needed a proof that the language course has been proved as an offical educational event by Berlin’s senate chancellery and it took ages to get it! Usually I had to hand in my application for educational leave by not later than six weeks prior to the depature. I did so with any other document they needed for processing my application, but I had to hand in that other proof later. There wasn’t any other solution, because EF need to make an application to get their courses proved themselves. And they couldn’t make their application for their courses taking place the following year, before mid December. They’ve gotten their proofs in January and I finally got mine two weeks prior to my trip per post.

But eventually, everything worked out well; my application had been approved. So it doesn’t really matter how long it took. I guess. But actually it was quite annoying.


I don’t really know what to expect really. I’m really nervous because of all the new situations which lie ahead, but it’s more like being scared of the unknown, though I basically know that I’ll be okay and that I’m going to have a wonderful time here 🙂

Language Travel Journal

I certainly want to focus on my course above all, but I’d love to write a daily journal during my trip. As I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to spend writing, I decided to take at least notes every day, so I’ll be able to write the articles retrospectively when I’m back home, in case I haven’t been able to write and publish them straight away.

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I hope you’ll enjoy my little reports and have a wonderful time yourself!

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