Wo ist Bär? by Jonathan Bentley



Theo is really unhappy. He must go to bed but he couldn’t find his bear. Being really tired he’s looking for him. Everywhere. Did he leave him in the bathroom? Or has he fallen under the table? Where is bear? Can you help him find it?


Bibliographic Description

Title: Wo ist Bär?
Author: Jonathan Bentley
Illustrator: Jonathan Bentley
Translator: Constanze Steindamm
Publisher: CARLSEN, Hamburg
Publishing Date: 01.09.2016
Pages: 32 pages
Price: € 12.99 (hardcover)
ISBN: 9783551518781
Language: German
Recommendation: for readers of the age of 3 and up / language level A1
Ranking: 5.0 von 5.0

The original edition called Where Is Bear? first published in English in 2016 by Little Hare Books.

My Opinion

Wo ist Bär? not a long story, and neither it is particularly grabbing. But it doesn’t have to be! It’s lovely anyway. It’s about a situation from everyday life, which probably everyone has experienced as a child at least once: You must go to bed, but you couldn’t find your beloved cuddly toy.

Jonathan Bentley has successfully implemented this situation in a cute picture-book. Not only in words, but in pictures as well.

I love the colours he chose for his illustrations because they create a very cosy atmosphere. I also like the fact that there are some “main colours” (blue, brown and green) which you find on every page throughout the book.

I also fell in love with the way he drew Theo, the little boy and main character of Wo ist Bär? Isn’t he cute? I like his drawing style in general though.


I think there aren’t many picture-books with less text, which are exciting to read for adults. In my opinion, this one is a wonderful exception; especially because of its witty plot. And there is not one single point I could complain about, so five of five points it is 😀


Dear Enthusiasts of The German Language

Wo ist Bär? is a great way for beginners to improve your German skills. Are you struggling with learning prepositions? Then try this book. On almost every page you’ll find another preposition used in a short sentence (five words and less), which are accompanied by clear illustrations.

Dear Enthusiasts of The English Language

The English edition would be also a quite nice way to learn prepositions I guess. But unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be available in bookshops any more. Shame! But if you’re interested in it, you might be able to borrow it in your local library (or the next bigger one). Alternatively, you might be able to order it second hand. (Hopefully to a reasonable price.)


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